ELUL 3830 by AnimaeNoctis

Jerusalem and the Second Temple fell in September 70: Elul 3830 in the Hebrew calendar. 1950 years ago ROMA’s violence decided to destroy Jerusalem. That was not AMOR. 1950 years after, this album is dedicated to the ancient siege and massacre of Elul 3830. That’s for sure. But we know that a transnational & transhistorical community of victims is calling us. Lots of eerie imperia – the empires – act impiously on the dashboard of history.

An antique Latin policy was used to say that ROMA is AMOR. It means that Rome is Love. Well, one cannot honestly say that plenty of ART is a plague RAT. LOVE and ART are vibrant.

Our music is but the memory of these events. And not only of a singular event.

Download booklet for free: lottadiclassico.files.wordpress.com/2020/09/elul3830.pdf
released September 11, 2020

Silvia Marcantoni Taddei: electric guitar, classical guitar, kazoo, recorder, cithara, tambourine, voice

Massimo Sannelli: harmonica, melodica, broken recorder, toy piano, organ (Mascioni 1914), rubber woodpecker, voice

Special guests:

Haim Fabrizio Cipriani: violin (track 9)

Guillaume Apollinaire: voice (track 10)
Paul Celan: voice (tracks 3, 10)
Franz Kafka: words (track 9)

Music and words on track 10 by Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz.

Cover artwork by Daniel Rothbart (www.danielrothbart.org).

FONTE: https://animaenoctis.bandcamp.com/