G. Cuttone e A. Contiliano su Litterateur RW

[L’artista indiano Shajil Anthru (Lietter. RW), che ha pubblicato G. Cuttone (L’enigma della mano), ha tradotto e pubblicato qui l’articolo scritto da Antonino Contiliano e pubblicato da Retroguardia 3.0, tp24 e Itacanotizie. (f.s.)]

Italian electronic notebook of literary criticism RETROGUARDIA 3.0 , Itacanotizie and Tp24 published and appreciated Litterateur Redefining World – the magazine from Kerala, India for featuring and honoring Giacomo Cuttone as the Doue of the month.

The artist G. Cuttone in India. Not just “between” us -Antonino Contiliano-
Not only between us (neighbors) but “between” us and others (even far away), the pictorial instances of Giacomo Cuttone’s canvases, like ferried sails (in terms of common semio-cultural and political transduction), arrive between the pages of Indian magazine “Litterateur Redefining world / October 2020” and return to their homeland, the Mediterranean routes. Redefine the world – “Redefining world” – in fact it is the common idea that the voice and letter of “Litterateur” (by the writer and publisher Shajil Anthru, Trivandrum Kerala – India) and the signs and semiosphere of the researches and expressions of painting by Giacomo Cuttone intend to translate and carry on in a historical reality which is completely different for shared purposes and ends.

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