“Approssimazioni a Itaca e oltre (1982) o di Salgari e Torino” di Luciano Curreri


These approximations are a tribute to Claudio Magris and his Itaca e oltre (1982) but also to Turin, where I became myself, and to Salgari. In my own small way, with my own style, I have attempted to push the boundaries of essay writing that, during the 1980s, was still about discovery, not scholarly archiving (or terminal editing): an essayistic form which did not shun away from drawing attention to itself, in a ‘metacritical’ and ‘interdisciplinary’ sense avant la lettre. I thus concentrated on a large school and said something about two of its less remembered representatives: Marco Cerruti, with his very dense Notizie di utopia (1985), and Pierpaolo Fornaro, whose critical narrative Trapassato presente. L’appropriazione psicologica dell’antico attraverso la narrativa moderna (1989) remains unsurpassed.

in Pellegrini, Ernestina; Fastelli, Federico; Salvadori, Diego (Eds.) Firenze per Claudio Magris (2021)

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